Meet Ms. Carri

My name is Carri, or as the kids call me, “Ms. Carri”.  As a  certified dyslexia specialist and licensed educational  therapist, I am committed to teaching your child to read, gain number sense, and spell confidently, while improving neuro, sensory, and cognitive development.   I use an Orton-Gillingham based structured literacy  approach to teaching reading using explicit, multi-sensory, sequential phonics. For 20 years I have been an   educator and am a dedicated lifelong learner.  I started my career in Hanover County as a German and ESL teacher, then was chosen to work at VCU as a Teacher in Residence in the School of Education and School of World Studies, serving as an adjunct Linguistics professor, Italian instructor, and a field supervisor for student teachers of world languages.  I served as faculty and administration at The Steward School as an ESL teacher and Resource teacher before becoming the Upper School Dean of Student Support.  

In 2016, I started LexiConfidence, LLC and have expanded my practice to include educational therapy: dyslexia and dyscalculia intervention,  cognitive development, dyslexia screenings, primitive reflex movement assessment and exercises, yoga, consultation, and professional development.  Cognitive and academic testing is forthcoming.

I live in Mechanicsville with my husband, son, and two daughters.  I enjoy being a soccer and dance mom, a singer, and serve as an early childhood  choir director at Fairmount Christian Church.  When I am not teaching, I  can usually be found with a book within reach.


Carri Naumann-Monti

PCET, M.A., Ed. M.

Certified Dyslexia Specialist/Screener
Professionally Certified Educational Therapist



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